Saturday, August 15, 2009

Twilight bracelet...

Okay, so my soul-sister, Amy, and I decided to avoid our families and housework to go to Hobby Lobby. It doesn't happen often because it is a 30-mintue drive and we have five kids between the two of us, so this was a major event. We are trolling the isles and of course we hit the clearance isle, when Amy practically starts to squeal...yes, squeal. She found...Bella's truck!!!! OME, and it is only .67 cents! Duh, like we aren't going to buy it. So here we are, sitting in the clearance isle picking through charms looking for more. We come up with plenty and none are more than .75 cents, so we are happy campers. Now, of course we have to go to the jewelry isle and look for...the diamond heart...and good god, it was expensive! They come in packs of five and run from $5.99 to 7.99...good thing I dazzled the cashier into adding it to the 50% off charms sale along with the premade bracelets. These bracelets come with the jump rings alread on them and you just add the charm. I picked for Jake and red for Eclipse and the apple. Here is what I have on mine: the diamond heart (you all know why it's there), Bella's truck, dice for Alice (cuz you never bet against Alice) also want a purse or credit card...come on, this is Alice after all!, fish for Charlie (may look for a gun too), baseball glove for Vamp baseball (enough said...they also had balls, bats, etc.), a bear with the paw print on the back for Emmett, a wolf for Jake (I know, it isn't wood, but what more do you want from me???), a motorcycle for riding with Jake and Bella's stupid stunts, music note for Edward (because Amy got the last piano...grrrrr), a cowboy hat for Jazz (couldn't find a mood ring, but I may get a Texas state or flag to add), a cross for Carlisle (also want a stethoscope or the doctor's emblem), and a paint pallette and tape measure for Esme (they also had measuring spoons, and gardening stuff, but I may look for a scroll or blueprint or a tiny house). I made sure to put the wolf and heart away from each other and when I attach the two bracelets together, they hang just perfect. Anyhoo, there you have it my little obsession on a bracelet. Now, run to HL and get yours so you can wear it to New Moon in November! Thanks for looking!


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