Sunday, February 26, 2017

Hogwarts Letter SMASH page

While I was working on the Harry Potter ornaments, I printed mini Hogwarts acceptance letters to go in my envelopes.  Sadly, they were just a bit too big but I am too much of a pack-rat to toss them out.  I had a wrapper from a Chocolate Frog and some other bits so I put together another SMASH page for Harry.  If you want to see the other one, click here.  Thanks for looking!  April

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Disney ornaments

More teacher gifts included Disney characters.  These are inexpensive plastic balls from Michael's.  I used a window sheet and vinyl cut from Cricut cartridges.  Once the images were placed on the window sheets, the sheet is wedged between the two halves of the plastic ball and sealed with a bit of liquid glass, before adding a hanging ribbon.

First up is Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.  I used the Mickey and Friends cartridge for the silhouette and autograph.  The Mad Hatter is from the Disney Classics cartridge.  He did not have an autograph so I used Doodletype for the "Simply Mad". 
They were a big hit and the teachers asked a lot of questions on how I did it.  
Thanks for looking! 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Gratitude SMASH page

Hallmark sends these greeting cards with coupons and I keep them to reuse.  This thanksgiving themed one became my list of gratitude for this year.  I placed it on the Top 10 page of my Orange SMASH book.  I used a SMASH label maker to make my list and scattered them around the greeting.  Super simple and fun.  Thanks for looking!  April

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Harry Potter ornaments

I warned you I was behind on my blog posts.  As a teacher, I know there are only so many apple-themed items a person can own and generic stuff is cute, but quickly ends up in the goodwill pile.  I always try to choose gifts for the teachers and para-educators that have special meaning and something they want to keep.  Last year, was sharpie mugs featuring each person's favorite Disney character.  This year, I asked for their favorite children's book or character.  I got several who said Harry Potter.  I did not want everyone to get the same ornament, so I made several different HP themed ones.  Here they are!
The Remembrall was filled with burgundy wired organza ribbon.  I looks wispy but the wire allowed me to bend the ribbon different directions.  Once I sealed the plastic ball with a bit of liquid glass, I cut a strip of gold metallic washi tape in half, then placed it over the seam of the plastic ball.  I printed Neville Longbottom's quote on a tag and tied it to the ball, along with a hanger.
The cauldron was so easy.  I found a pack of party treat cauldrons on clearance after Halloween and stuffed a bit of poly-fill into it to look like foamy steam.  I printed the label from the Hogwarts school supply (standard cauldron, black, size 2) on a tag, then added it to the cauldron.
The golden snitch is a pack of dollar store gold ball ornaments, feathers, and gold glitter hot glue.
Not pictured: a ball with a wood owl holding a tiny owl post letter, a printed Hogwarts envelope, addressed to Harry and sealed with a Hogwarts wax seal and a small pillow box printed with Owl Post, twine and wax seal.  (Tip: I found the wax stamp on Amazon, along with cranberry hot glue sticks.  Spray some cooking spray on a paper towel, press stamp into the cooking spray, squirt hot glue on a silicone mat, let cool for a few seconds, then press stamp into glue, hold until glue sets, then slowly rock the stamp to loosen.  I made two dozen in just a few minutes.)
Thanks for looking!