Sunday, February 5, 2017

Harry Potter ornaments

I warned you I was behind on my blog posts.  As a teacher, I know there are only so many apple-themed items a person can own and generic stuff is cute, but quickly ends up in the goodwill pile.  I always try to choose gifts for the teachers and para-educators that have special meaning and something they want to keep.  Last year, was sharpie mugs featuring each person's favorite Disney character.  This year, I asked for their favorite children's book or character.  I got several who said Harry Potter.  I did not want everyone to get the same ornament, so I made several different HP themed ones.  Here they are!
The Remembrall was filled with burgundy wired organza ribbon.  I looks wispy but the wire allowed me to bend the ribbon different directions.  Once I sealed the plastic ball with a bit of liquid glass, I cut a strip of gold metallic washi tape in half, then placed it over the seam of the plastic ball.  I printed Neville Longbottom's quote on a tag and tied it to the ball, along with a hanger.
The cauldron was so easy.  I found a pack of party treat cauldrons on clearance after Halloween and stuffed a bit of poly-fill into it to look like foamy steam.  I printed the label from the Hogwarts school supply (standard cauldron, black, size 2) on a tag, then added it to the cauldron.
The golden snitch is a pack of dollar store gold ball ornaments, feathers, and gold glitter hot glue.
Not pictured: a ball with a wood owl holding a tiny owl post letter, a printed Hogwarts envelope, addressed to Harry and sealed with a Hogwarts wax seal and a small pillow box printed with Owl Post, twine and wax seal.  (Tip: I found the wax stamp on Amazon, along with cranberry hot glue sticks.  Spray some cooking spray on a paper towel, press stamp into the cooking spray, squirt hot glue on a silicone mat, let cool for a few seconds, then press stamp into glue, hold until glue sets, then slowly rock the stamp to loosen.  I made two dozen in just a few minutes.)
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