Sunday, February 28, 2010

Twilight pillows

Hey there! We are starting to convert my 10 year-old's room to a Twilight theme. She has only read the first two books, but she loves it and asked to change over. Here are the pillows for her reading corner. I found pillows at Walmart for $2.50 and the cases are 2 for $5.50 from their Home Trends collection. BTW, they come in these great little fabric bags with snaps, so bonus project! I used Staz-On to stamp. One pillow has paw prints and the Team Jacob stamp and the other side has a heart that says "dazzled" and the Team Edward stamp. The other red pillow has "I like books with a little bite" and a smile with fangs. One of the black pillows (not pictured) has Cullen crests in White Staz-On, but it faded so much in the wash that I couldn't get a good picture. The color doesn't do it justice...they are maroon. I used the button to give it some shape and seal the pillow in place, since they are floor pillows.

We are working on more for her room and will post pictures once it is done later this spring. Thanks for looking! April

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