Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mural update

Here is the continuation of the blog hop project. I finally got the saying up, but we are still moving and fixing other things in the room. The saying is from Michael's vinyl collection and cost $14.99 (without the coupon).

Can I say what a pain in the butt the gold lettering is?! The metallic finish stuck to the transfer tape and rubbed off onto it. We had to use a straight edge to pick it off a bit at a time and it had a terrible time sticking to the wall. The black sticks just fine. We had minor problems with the tree due to the detail, but the letters did have more trouble releasing from the transfer.

Thought I would share the pics and I am still debating on Edward and Bella. I can't blow them up too much but I think they are too small and lost in the midst of the rest of the mural. Oh well...we shall see. Thanks for looking! April

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