Sunday, March 5, 2017

Storybook ornaments

I had a couple of challenging requests for the ornaments. 
Pete the cat is well...ugly.  I had no idea what to do for this one and spent a good two hours searching images.  Silly me for not asking my youngest who knows Pete and said "His snow book, mom!"  I found the image from Pete the Cat: Snow Day and printed it multiple times, and with mirror image printing.  I cut Pete shoveling snow and then cut the shovel and his head out of another print, using dimensionals to make a multi-layered image.  I did this to both sides so it didn't matter which way the ornament turned.  I added some glitter to the snow and shovel then used hot glue to get Pete to stand inside the plastic ball.  Last, I added glitter snow and mini pom-poms for snowballs. 
Next was Curious George.  I ended up finding this great image of a craft where he is hanging from balloons.  The balloons were a separate element and easy to leave out.  I shrunk the image, and printed it as I did with Pete.  I only used dimensionals on his head to make it stand out.  I used clear nylon sewing thread to make him hang from the top of the ball so he will look like he is hanging off a tree branch.  Then I added glitter snow and pom pom snow balls to the bottom, before sealing the ball with liquid glass and adding the hanging ribbon. 
Last, is Harry the Dirty Dog.  I could not find any really good images of Harry, so I used the book cover and printed it like the other ornaments.  I cut the dogs separately and added them with dimensionals, then glued the book into the ball and sealed it.  I also made a Amelia Bedelia book the same way.
I somehow missed pictures of the Giving Tree (I made an actual book with tiny pages).
Thanks for looking!

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