Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wall-E cookies...

Well, you can tell it has been over two years since I have done color flow! I haven't messed with it since taking the Wilton class before the youngest was born, so I really had to read over the directions a dozen times and practice. I forgot how super fast the stuff sets up, but they still turned out super cute. Alex is thrilled. He went over the moon with the tags for each cookie.

I promise I will be back to normal eventually. I still have 8x8 LO's to make for a swap, then I will be out of commission for awhile. I may stick to simple cards or take a break all together. I am still waiting on the doctor to call with the appointment for the neurologist for my this rate, who knows how long it will take. Thanks for looking! April

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~Denise Lynn~ said...

April, these are AWESOME! They look fabulous, I don't think I'd want to eat them and ruin all that work. I can see why your son loves them! :)