Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bella's Bracelet

Here is my version of Bella's bracelet. I have made four so far and I think they are pretty good. In the story, the wolf is carved from wood, but I have no skill in that area, so I have the pewter charm. I am still debating about seeing if some brown Staz-On will stick to it. I found the chain at HL already put together, just had to add the charms. If you haven't read the books, here is the reason for the bracelet. Jacob, Bella's best friend and werewolf, gives her a silver bracelet with a tiny carved russett-colored wolf that Jacob hand carved. Edward was upset that Bella accepted a gift from Jacob, but always refuses Edward (she feels he is enough). Edward convinces her to accept from him on the grounds that it cost nothing. He give her a small crystal heart charm (it's diamond, but she doesn't know that), telling her it is like him - hard and sparking. Bella reminds him beautiful, too. So there is you tease, read the book. Thanks for looking!


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