Saturday, June 1, 2013

Disney Cruise SMASH

So, I finally have our Disney Cruise SMASH book finished!  I posted the cover back in December and you can see it here
This is Castaway Cay.  I stacked photos and used washi tape to make little tabs to flip the photos up without touching the photos.  Captions are on the back.  I also used paper clips to add in the postcard, using the back for journalling.
 This shows the postcard flipped and the map of Castaway Cay pulled open.  Behind the map, I left gaps in the adhesive to place momentos, such as the tickets for our day.  We had bike rides, float tubes, and the Stingray Adventure.
 This features our drive from OH to FL.  I printed a map online, then used embroidery floss to chart the drive.  The title is clear stickers on a Disney brand paint chip from Walmart.  The "hello, Mickey" is a freebie I found on Pinterest.
 The images on the left are cut out from DVC promotional flyers found onboard the ship.  We are DVC members and I just asked for a couple of extra flyers to use in the scrapbook.  The coins and rope background showcase our intinerary.  The pocket on the right was recycled from our Cruise info booklet the DCL sent us.  It was a little spiral-bound book with our luggage tags, reservation info, directions to the port, and excursions we pre-registered for.  Again, the cute Mickey & Minnie were from freebies found here, and I have our receipts tucked in the pocket.
 This is inside the back cover.  I have our daily newsletters that were on our bed each evening stored there.  The pocket on the left is a envelope from the desk in our stateroom.  I sealed it then sliced open the top to hold postcards and the kid-cocktails menu. 
 This page has some info on our ship and where our stateroom was located.  I used paperclips to attach the ship maps and it was a great place to feature one of the extra luggage tags we had left over. 
 This shows the map opened and the page with information on the pools onboard the ship.  I found this great Aquaduck poster during an image search on Yahoo! images. 
This page is the for the Mid-ship Detective Agency.  It's a great activity onboard that the families can do.  You pick up a badge and booklet, then follow the clues around the ship to interactive portraits.  I used the notes area on one booklet to journal.  The pocket holds a completed mystery and photos. 
Thanks for looking!  April


Megan said...

Great job and what a cool idea!

ddjo2 said...

Enjoyed viewing your Disney Cruise Smashbook. Now inspired to go begin my own!!