Friday, June 12, 2015

Baymax First Aid kit

I am working on more Fish Extenders for our next Disney Cruise and just keep finding some fun ideas for some odds and ends in my craft room.  A friend gave me several of these little plastic circle boxes that had electrical tape in them.  I have been staring at them for months and it finally hit me...Baymax!  The circle measures around 3 inches, so I set off to the computer and found adorable Big Hero 6 images.  I found some small lollipops so I had to have Baymax offering a lolli in the bottom.  I used his pain scale on the inside of the lid.  Think how much fun a kiddo with a boo boo would have with this!  I added some Disney band-aids and alcohol wipes, along with the sucker.  On the outside, I used white vinyl with silver metallic sharpie to make Baymax's program card slot.  Super cute and my kids are begging for their own now.  Thanks for looking!  April
inside empty container

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