Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Vinyl water bottle labels

We are prepping for a trip to Disney World and I wanted to get the kids some simple water bottles.  The parks happily provide free ice water but I wanted to keep spilling to a minimum.  The bottles were $1.99 and 40% off at Hobby Lobby.  At that price, if they break or get lost, I will not be upset.  I love the lids and they have rubber gaskets.  I used the Cricut Craft Room and made Avenger icons for the older kids before adding their names.  Maggie picked Iron Man's Arc Reactor, Alex picked Hawkeye's target, and Matt picked...Mickey.  (If you know Matt, he's all about the mouse). 
A little tip: use clear contact paper from the Dollar Tree as transfer tape.  (It's sold as book cover in the school supplies.)  Cheaper than buying Disney brand bottles but the kids get original Disney-themed fun.  Thanks for looking!  April

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