Sunday, January 24, 2010

Guitar Embellishment

My six-year-old son got his first acoustic guitar from Santa. He likes Twilight and the Cullen Crest, so he asked me to decorate his guitar for him. I used Jet Black Staz-On and rubber stamps. The crest is from the Twilight stamp tin set from Barnes and Noble and the swirls are from the Twilight-inspired stamps from Artful Inkables. The guitar is a natural wood with a very smooth, but not glossy finish. I forgot that the design can spread on wood because of the grain, so it came out a bit thicker than I would have liked. It still looks pretty good and I think he will love it. Keep in mind that the photos were taken when the ink was still a bit wet. Thanks for looking! April


Christy said...


Tonya Klar said...

I am BREATHLESS!!! I'm stunned...amazed...just plain speechless. This is extraordinary April and Edward DEFINITELY Approves! I would like to do a special feature on this next weekend if I can. Will you please let me know if that's ok? Stunning work. Seriously.

Danderella said...

Tonya summed it up quite nicely...this is absolutely stunning. So nice! Don't tell my 7 year old about this or I'll end up decorating the piano! LOL! Seriously though, this is just awesome!