Sunday, May 16, 2010

Watercolor pencils

So here is my first attempt at coloring in an image with watercolor pencils. I have been using a blender pen from Stampin' Up in place of a brush pen. Here is my Flirty Edward digi and the Dressy Edward digi. I used three different pencils - a dark brown, a reddish brown, and a red. I started with the dark closest to the root, then used the lighter reddish color up the tips, I used the red to add a little more red tone sporadically, and used the dark to deepen the tufts to create shadows. These are only my second and third tries, but I am happy with them so far. The top Edward has the hair already blended, the bottom one is not. I wanted to show you before and after. Also, blending straight from the printer tends to smear the printer ink, so I took my digis to the local print shop and had them copied onto acid free cardstock for .30/sheet.
I tried with Copics and they bled everywhere. My friend, Amy, is having better luck with them, so hopefully, I'll pick them up in time. For now, I am happy to have something to work with. The colors are not a vibrant as with markers, but I do like the effect. Thanks for looking! April


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