Sunday, September 23, 2012

TGF Little Sprouts Challenge, part 2

Here is my daughter's entry for the TGF's Little Sprouts challenge. 

close-up of Sheldon, Penny & Leonard

Maggie is 12 years old and loves nerdy science stuff.  One of her favorite shows is The Big Bang Theory and she made a SMASH page using pics online, some doodles, and made her own Sheldon, Penny and Leonard using TGF's Later Skater Ian, Miss Anya Lounge, and Special Autumn Ian.  They are colored in colored pencil and Leonard's glasses are drawn in with a multiliner. 
Be sure to get your kids and join in on the fun at TGF!  Thanks for looking!  April

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gobeagirl said...

Hi April.
I also wanted to say hi to Maggie and tell you that I LOVE your Sheldon, Penny & Leonard. They are all three just perfect and I wish I had thought of that. Very very cute and I have to tell you that The Big Bang Theory is a favorite around our house as well. My kids both like to leave it running on the DVD players all night. If I wake up and go into one of their rooms I will stop and start laughing much to their irritation. Mind you they are asleep and I almost always end up waking one of them up. Not that I don't try to stay quiet, but that show is just so funny. Anyway girly, you are very talented and I love your SMASH page. I bet you can sing the whole Soft Kitty song. lol... My Husband was singing it to me the other day when we had to go shopping and I was not feeling good at all. We are kind of a weird family but we love and get each other so there really isn't anything better. Hugs, Lisa G