Saturday, August 17, 2013

Percy Jackson SMASH (In Progress)

This is for TGF's Farm Fresh Friday Anything Goes challenge.
I am still working on it, as I am still working on finding pics or treasures (like coins, book covers, etc), but wanted to get what I have finished posted.  I found this fab pic of a Camp Half-Blood map online and the sign is from a Percy-themed party on Pinterest.  The sneaker and small library cards are from Rebecca at Uprintables.  I used some feathers that escaped from a pillow and a brad to make the flying shoe.  I used a page that I removed from another part of the book, using washi tape to attach, to make a triple page layout.

The characters are from TGF, with a little digital tweeking from me.  All characters are colored in copic markers.  First is Tyson (WS Joseph).  I enlarged him, then erased one eye and moved the other to the middle, before making it bigger.  Next is Annabeth (WS Audrey).  I changed the tongue sticking out to a smile and used Dalek font from to write on her shirt.  Percy took some extra work.  His head is Mer Ian and the body is WS Flirty Edward.  I copied the left side of his shirt, flipped the image and moved to the right.  I also added a collar for a tee under the open shirt.  I found an image of Riptide (Anaklusmos) online and shrunk it to the needed size.  Last, but not least is Grover (WS Logan).  He was a rubber stamp and I simply drew in the horn sticking out from under the hoodie. 

close-up of Hermes shoe
close-up of (l-r) Grover, Percy, Annabeth, Tyson
So there you have it.  Maybe I will post new pics once the whole thing is done.  Thanks for looking!  April


Rachel Parys said...

OMG, this is so cool!! lol! We just saw this movie, and this totally fits! I love your creative ideas! Thanks for joining the TGF challenge!!

Elena said...

What a cool project!