Sunday, August 18, 2013

Crafty Love SMASH

I have a couple of favorite brands I just adore for crafting so I decided to make a quick page.  I cut out the icons and samples from a magazine, then added a little blurb about what and why I love those products.  It's not fancy and most is quick notes, but I will have it to remind me of my favorites.  Thanks for looking!  April


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gobeagirl said...

Hi April, I just love the idea of this page. I think your design of it rocks as well. I truly think it is a great idea as all things change in the crafting world as do our tastes, so what be way to remember what and why you liked a certain product or company. I just ran across my old stash of rub-ons by a company called daisyd's from about 6 years ago. I had completely forgotten how much I love these. lol Hugs Lisa G