Tuesday, April 22, 2008

First Scrappings - 2000

Well, here is my first attempt at scrapping my DD's baby book...I didn't know anything about acid safe papers (I used the ones in the plastic sleeves!), or what products were available. I purchased a book and a pack of papers for 8.5x11 to run through the printer. I basically filled in the blanks and glued it in the larger pages, slapped a few pictures on it, maybe added a few stickers and that was it. I used deco scissors a lot and had an obsession with cutting all the pictures (butchering is more like it). Here is a couple of examples....

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Mamawheelie said...

I really think most of us begin this way, unless we're introduced by a more experienced scrapper. I know that the majority of my new ones are like this, with butchered photos, deco scissors and massive use of stickers without any rhyme or reason. :)

I'm glad to say that after a couple of bad-looking starts, when I began again in early 2003, I didn't look at the way I'd previously scrapped (except in derision). I looked at the two scrapbook magazines that I had in my possession (one at least a year old, and the other almost 6 months so) and decided right then and there that that was the way I wanted to scrap. And it's been great ever since.