Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Taking chances sometimes pays off...

I was looking for a cool family tree for our third child. Sadly, most are pre-made and really old-fashioned, which is fine, but his book is mostly Disney so that would be really out of place. We are HUGE Disney fans and we spend many of our vacations at WDW or DLR. We had just been to the parks and we were awed by the "Tree of Life" so here is my inspiration! There are things I would change about it even now, but it really came out better than I had expected. I used a patterned brown paper for the base, then used a friend's Animal Kingdom cartridge to cut the animals in various sizes. I tried to find tails, trunks and smaller animals to make the branches and root areas. After that is just like putting together a puzzle. I used patterned green paper for the leaves from Doodlecharms, using varing sizes. I know there are no pictures, but it was the best way I could think of to still put in the traditional family tree with a modern, Disney-inspired twist!

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