Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cricut Vinyl

Okay, I have been searching for a fixture for my toddler's room since he was born, but just haven't found anything that matched Mickey. I finally broke down and bought some of the cricut vinyl and cut Mickey icons from it. What do you think? It looks cute, but the vinyl is pricey at $9.99 (Hobby Lobby) for 2 12x24 sheets. I can get a total of 8 6x12 sheets out of it for the little bug.

I have to say I think I like the Wall Pops (Lowes) strips better. You get 15 ft x 6.5 inches for $9.99. So I get fifteen sheets for the same cost as 8. It is a little stiffer to work with as it is actually wall paper. It is completely repositionable and is low tack. I have been making name plates for the kids bedroom doors. I am working on the last one now...Alex has asked for a transformer icon on his so it will take a couple of days. I'll post those later.

Here are directions to cutting with Wall Pops and Cricut Vinyl. Set your cricut blade on 6 and the pressure on 2. It is called a "kiss cut" and will only cut the top layer and not the backing. Adhere your material to the cutting mat and load as usual. Select desired design and size. Depending on how detailed your piece is, you may want to set the speed to slow. When you are finished cutting, unload the sheet and simply peel away the cut material. If you are mounting on a wall, you can use transfer tape to make lining up and mounting easier.

Overall, I love the fact that you can continually move the material until you get it right. It is slightly tacky so you won't damage the item you are mounting the material to. I can't wait to try it on more projects! Thanks for looking.... April

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Christy said...

That is too cool! Very nicely done.