Friday, June 27, 2008

No more training wheels!

My oldest finally got up the nerve to give up the training wheels! Her grandparents took on the job to teach her how to ride and discovered she had outgown her old bike. Off to the store for a new one and now she is trying to master a bike that is pretty big for her. Of course, little brother outgrew his too, so he too has new wheels.

I am not one to cut my base page into shapes, but this was a pretty simple way to try it out. I like the effect, but next time I think I would cut it down to one pic...I think the second pic gets swallowed by the overall design. I wanted a nice title, so I cut the number out on the cricut and the rest was done via the printer. Gotta love vellum! It is a great way to match your colors and soften them. I love to use different fonts to help tell the story. It is an easy way to dress up a page if you are new to scrapping. Give it a try! Thanks for looking...

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