Monday, June 30, 2008

More vinyl!

Wow! I am on a roll this week! I am trying to get as many mini projects done and out of the way while summer is flying by. Hope you enjoy the newest project. I will be back to scrapping soon!
Well, here is some more uses for the wall pops and vinyl. I am on a roll. Still have to get pics of the kids doors, but I am waiting until I get the Transformer face done on my son's door. Here are the pics of the new water jugs I picked up for the kids. These are $1.47 each at Walmart. They are kinda cute and Maggie needed a water bottle for camp. I am pretty sure that no one can miss who's bottle that is.

For the pink bottle: Cut flower at 3 inches from the George cartridge. Cut name at 2.5 inches from Jasmine. For the blue bottle: Cut name with shadow at 3.5 inches and again without shadow from Stamped cartridge. Remember, these are tacky and will stick and wear through getting wet. Just be sure the outside of the bottle is clean and dry when you stick them on.


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