Wednesday, July 16, 2014

clipboard gift set

So, it's time to restock my gift box.  I make several different items over the year to store for Christmas and end of school year gifts.  It makes my life so much easier to grab the box and have the kids choose items they want to give and filling special request doesn't stress me because the kids often love what's already there.  Only the kids closest friends get special custom items. 
The clipboard was found at a Rubber Rummage Sale for .50 and was unfinished.  The pad of paper was on clearance at Michael's for .99 and the paper clips was a package of 24 for .70.  After adding the paper and embellishments, this gift cost less than $3. 
I covered both sides of the clipboard, sanding and inking the edges.  I added a strip of damask washi tape to add a bit of flair.  I cut a piece of scrap to mount the paper clips and placed it under the clip.  I added a bit of washi to the paperclips and notched them with the banner punch.  I wrapped baker's twine around the board to help keep it all together.  I can finish it off with a tag at a later time.  Thanks for looking!  April

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