Monday, July 2, 2012

Around the World SMASH

This is a page dedicated to my grandparents.  A lot of who I am is based on them and I always loved their sense of adventure.  They were involved in many service organizations and travelled all over the world - from Europe, to Japan, to the Furtile Crescent - they had seen it.  I used to talk to my grandmother about all the places she had travelled and dreamed of doing the same.  This is one of their groups in Egypt circa the 1960's.  I used Little Yellow Bicycle's Pack Your Bags paper scraps and stickers, along with the K & Co odds and ends pack and the SMASH label maker to fill the page.  The circles around my grandparents is made with a 1/2" and 3/4" circles punched within each other.  Thanks for looking!  April

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gobeagirl said...

Hi April.
I love the story about your Grandparents. I know that I would have a great time just sitting and talking or listening to all of their travels. What an exciting story they must have to tell. :O) I think your SMASH page is awesome and I love how you used the cicle punch to pull them out from the group. What a great idea. I hope that you are doing good and having a wonderful 4th of July so far.
Take card. Hugs, Lisa G