Sunday, July 8, 2012

Moving SMASH

Moving is always bittersweet, but when it is without choice, it's especially difficult.  My hubby lost his job in 2010 and, after working a couple of contract positions, finally got a permanant job.  So, we moved from the only home our kids have known, leaving behind our best friends and our children's godparents...absolute torture for all of us.  However, there is good in all the sad...the five of us are finally back together under one roof.  I am sure you can imagine how hard being a long-distant parent can be, but we have finally settled into our groove again.  Happy family means time for momma to get crafty!
I pulled pics of our old and new houses from online, as well as the local college icons.  The cool moving stickers are from Jolee's.  I doodled around the big quote (black SMASH book).  The journalling is from the Blank SMASH pad and I left it as a flap for hidden journalling and stuff under the panel.  Thanks for looking!  April

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