Thursday, October 23, 2008

Matt's Bday decos and cheap recycle

So I am cleaning up before the in-laws arrive and still stewing about Matt's birthday decorations...husband is on a penny-pinching streak. I don't need to buy the fancy printed stuff, but give me a little. I found cute Halloween themed plates with spiders, so I thought I would cut Mickey spiders for the cups. Of course, I don't have the DS yet, so I punched the Mickey icon from the Cricut vinyl and used a sharpie to make legs. I planned on purchasing the clear plastic cups so the punch would show through, but during my cleaning process, I found these yellow cups that were left over from my college grad party (almost 5 years ago!). We are not having a huge amount of people, so why not? I guess yellow could go for fall and Halloween, right? I am thinking about adding some inking, but I am not going to get carried away over a cup. Anyway, thanks for looking and I will try to post my other Halloween card I am working on during nap later today. T minus 6 hours before the in-laws arrive! April

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Christy said...

You are really creative...I'd NEVER have thought of that!!!